Video : Innovative system to encourage low-tackling during training using a…Swiss ball!

Twitter user @MrMartin_PE posted a video showing how a swiss-ball could be used during a Rugby training to encourage a low body position while attempting the tackle, basically you can’t go high cause you’re forced to go under the swiss-ball wich works also as an airbag for the tackled player, it could be useful while training kids or anyone attempting Rugby for the first time! Do you think it could be a good idea? Say yours in the comments!

AllBlacks : Watch Damian McKenzie’s amazing performance against Argentina!

A try, a try assist, seven defenders beaten and over a hundred metres gained, Damian McKenzie was absolutely on fire against the Pumas in Buenos Aires!
After some initial spekticism on his being ready or not for the international stage, the small fullback proved not only he’s ready and good enough to play test rugby but also that he’s probably the most in-form 15 in around at the moment!
This performance against Argentina shows all his quality, watch carefully at 00.42, have you ever seen something similar!?

Meet Rico Syme , the latest NZ schoolboys prodigy!

Rico Syme is the new prodigy of New Zealand schoolboys Rugby, after giving up on Rugby 3 years ago due to his inability to gain muscles,resulting in heavy knocks and a lack of confidence, he returned playing as fullback and since then he never stopped earning a call with Nz schoolboys team!
Here you can appreciate his amazing skills! ( be sure to watch it in full screen)